Emma Stone Tweets in Anagrams, Single?

Emma Stone tweeted for the first time ever over the weekend writing, “nawder nad islasehne tsintgi ni a erte.” People couldn’t figure it out at first and thought Emma had a stroke until they realized it was an anagram for, “Andrew and Shailene Sittin’ in a Tree.”

Shailene Woodley co-stars inĀ The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Emma and her boyfriend Andrew Garfield. Everyone just takes this to mean Andrew is banging Shailene on the side.

Truth is no one really knows what the tweet means considering Emma and Andrew were seen shopping and making out over the weekend. Maybe Andrew and Shailene were literally sitting in a tree for a scene. It’s not like Emma followed it up with n-s-g-i-s-k-i.

(h/t: IDLYITW)

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