Fear Not, Anne Frank Would Have Been a Belieber

Anne Frank’s stepsister Eva Schloss thinks all the criticism against Justin Bieber for writing that he hoped Anne Frank would have been a belieber had she been alive today and was still 15 is unwarranted. Because she totally would have been.

Schloss said Anne “probably would have been a fan.” Recalling, “We used to play together, skipping and sitting on the steps together by our apartments. Anne was very lively but I was more shy. I was good in sports but she was more intellectually developed, quite interested in clothes and boys.”

That’s great and all and I have no doubt that Anne would have been a Bieber fan, but that wasn’t really the point. The point was this jackass made everything about himself. It’s like if a business owner wrote in the guestbook, “Anne was an inspiration to all and had an indomitable spirit. Hopefully she would have eaten at Bob’s Burgers, 2311 Front St., Los Angeles, CA.”

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9 years ago

You’re missing the point. As Bieber’s guitarist made it perfectly clear today, he related to Anne from a teenage point of view. If he has such disrespect for Ms. Frank, why would he have gone in the first place?

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