Justin Bieber Left His Monkey in Germany to Die

Justin Bieber got a Capuchin monkey a while ago. He named him Mally. As you may well know, Munich customs seized Mally when Bieber arrived for his world tour on account of him not having the proper paperwork.

He was even given a four week extension by authorities to file the necessary papers but Justin is too busy being swaggy and he won’t be coming back for Mally. The German clinic the monkey has been staying says Justin’s people haven’t made any arrangements for his return. Instead, they told them to find a suitable home in a zoo or shelter for him.

Karl Heinz Joachim, the boss of the centre, added: “There are a great many suitable places that have offered to take Mally and integrate him with their own capuchin monkeys where he would be much more happy with his own kind.”

“A baby monkey was never going to be suited to be on a world tour even if he is travelling by private jet. He should be out in the wild climbing trees and learning from other monkeys if he isn’t to have serious psychological problems later in life.” HuffPo UK

If you were making a list of reasons why Justin Bieber is a jackass, here’s #43. He’ll only care for something as long as it’s convenient. If he has to lift so much as a finger to help his monkey, he’ll just leave him in Germany to die. His motto is, “When the going gets tough, get the hell out of there.” I wouldn’t be surprised if he punched his monkey in the face when he got angry. In fact, let’s just say that’s what he does. That monster!

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9 years ago

Is this a real article or have you having a seizure Victor?

9 years ago


“… or ARE you having a seizure?”

The monkey is not going to die in Germany, it will go to a better home.

I mean, what is the point in just lying?

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