Russell Crowe Told Rebel Wilson to F-Off

While on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Rebel Wilson talked about how she won the Nicole Kidman Scholarship while studying acting at the Australian Theater for Young People.

Turns out it was a really fantastic scholarship that gave her everything an aspiring actress could want. “Nicole paid for everything! An apartment, going to see Broadway shows.. she doesn’t know about that.”

Leno asked if she ever thanked Kidman to which Wilson said that she tried to once but was shot down by Russell Crowe. “One time in Sydney I saw her having dinner with Russell Crowe and I go, ‘Ok. Now’s my chance. I’m going to say thank you.’ But before I could say anything Russell Crowe just turns to me and says, ‘F–k off!’ just put my head down and walked away.”

The rule of thumb is to never even make it seem like you’re about to get between Russell Crowe and his dinner. He’s punched people out for less than that.

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