Rebel Wilson Comes Out, Says She’s Found Her ‘Disney Princess’

Rebel Wilson is the gay. Congrats. The star came out on Instagram today, showing off a photo with her girlfriend, jewelry designer Ramona Agruma. Wilson wrote:

I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince… but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess 💗🌈💗#loveislove

No word on how long they’ve dated. TMZ says they were at the Super Bowl in Los Angeles together this past February.

Besides jewelry, Agruma also owns Lemon Ve Limon, a sustainable clothing brand she runs in Los Angeles. If you enjoy $200 hoodies, well click the link to Lemon Ve Limon and head to her store.

Back in 2017, Daily Mail UK reported Hugh Sheridan, an Australian actor, was dating Agruma really quickly after his breakup with Delta Goodrem, which upset Goodrem. That’s about what we know of her dating history. At least as much research as I feel like doing now.

Never realized how much weight Wilson lost. Her management had wanted her to keep being the “funny fat girl” so she’d keep working in Hollywood.

She lost 77 pounds, so she lost the fat, but not the funny. Yet, looking at her IMDB, she didn’t act from 2019 to 2022. I guess it was pandemic related. We’ll see if she still gets roles, I enjoy her.

Wilson starred in Senior Year, pure comfort food. A movie you put on when you need noise in the background. But still, it fit her vibe.

You know, when you get stories like Horatio Sanz allegedly sexually assaulting a 17-year-old or Ezra Miller allegedly grooming a minor, it’s nice to read about Rebel Wilson being happy, coming out and showing the world her girlfriend.

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