Miguel Is Getting Sued for Leg Dropping a Girl

A couple weeks back at the Billboard Music Awards, Miguel attempted to jump from stage to stage but failed spectacularly by landing leg first across a fan’s head. It made my day as you can tell by the 50 videos and gifs of it.

Now that fan could be suing. Khyati Shah has retained attorney Vip Bhola (really?) and may file a lawsuit depending on her medical results. Khyati says she’s been having “difficulties” because of the leg drop. Naturally, Vip said he hasn’t talked to Miguel’s people but would be open to a settlement. Oh, how kind of him.

However, what may be Khyati’s undoing is the interview she did after the leg drop. While holding an ice pack to her arm, Khyati is all smiles and acting just fine.

If she knew she was going to sue, she should have just stood there giving the camera a blank stare while slightly drooling and complaining of nauseousness. Basically, act like I would if I ever met Candice Swanepoel.

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8 years ago

So, is Kyhati .. that might be misspelled; I don’t care … the super-fan on the left (as you’re watching), or the right? Because while, yeah, he legdrops the chick on the left, he kicks a cheekbone reconstruction into the one on the right.

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