Vogue Cut Kim From the Photo

The MET Gala was Monday night and I’m still talking about it this Friday. Who knew a bunch of celebrities dressing all fancy with spiked hair and top hats would be such a hot topic? Not me. That’s for sure. The latest news from the event actually has little to do with the event itself and more to do with Vogue’s distaste for Kim Kardashian. She’s the coffee Anna Wintour spits out when they get her order wrong.

Vogue put up a slideshow of all the celebrities and their outfits on the website including Katie Perry’s awful Joan of Arc dress, the Olsen’s homeless royalty look and others. They even put up Kanye West but they made sure to crop out Kim Kardashian because she and her outfit were an affront to everyone’s eyes. Jezebel noted that they didn’t really need to crop her out to fit the slide but they did anyway because Kim Kardashian.

It’s kind of like when you take a group photo at a party and they photoshop a dinosaur in your place before they put it on Facebook. Or even worse, they don’t even take the time to do that and just draw black lines all over you.

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Righty O
Righty O
9 years ago

The statement from Vogue: “She appeared to be a genital wart, so we cut her out.”

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