Beth Humphreys Talks Her Tiny Pea Head, Being a New Year Baby and E-Cups

Beth Humphreys, if you don’t know, is a UK glamour model and has appeared in Nuts, Front, FHM, Loaded, etc. She was born on January 1, 1994 which makes her a New Year baby and sports an E-cup which we learn is not all its cut out to be. Beth was nice enough to answer a few of our questions and it feels like she even laugh cried after one of them. Though things escalated quickly at the suggestion of a drinking challenge.

How did you get your start in glamour modeling and why did you decide to do it?
I have no idea. Just fell into it and just for fun and to make some money while I studied at uni. Didn’t think I would start to do as well as I have in such a short time.

I take it you’re not a Belieber as you’ve said Justin Bieber sounds like a pussy-boy. I don’t think anyone is going to fight you on that but can you explain more?
Hahahahaha I dunno. I said that spur of the moment. He just seems a little child like a bit girly even though he’s trying to change his appearance and dress with more sense now

Are you definitely going to college to study chemical engineering? Why? Unless you’re blowing stuff up, chemistry seems kind of boring.
No. Plan changed. I’m now doing economics and finance. I still love chemistry though

People say you’re on too much sugar. Are you sure it’s not just the cocaine?
Hahahahaha I don’t do cocaine! Omg. I do for some reason have a lot of energy but think that’s down to my youth. I’m only 19.

Your friend calls you a monkey-head but I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of monkey you look like and I’m stumped. Any hints?
Hahaha I don’t know. I think it’s when I do my cheesy grin when I’m happy. I have a pea head and look like a monkey.

You say you can handle your liquor and that it doesn’t affect you. I don’t believe you. I’d like to propose a challenge. Do you accept? Name your terms.
I accept. Whoever dies first from alcohol loses .

What’s your favorite drink?
Baileys and Soya milk

Your nipples are pierced. What was it like getting them done? I mean, besides the quick pain(?), did the person doing it just look at your breasts and mouth “oh. my. god.” while shedding a single tear?
I’ve had them done twice now. It hurts a little but looks hot naked however they are not pierced anymore.

People are comparing you to Keeley Hazell. Would you consider that a fair comparison?
Errrm I’ve not heard that before

What’s it like being a New Year Baby? Does it suck because everyone is too hungover from New Year’s Eve to celebrate?
Yes!!! When I was 17 and a lot of my friends where 18 and going out for NY, it was so crap cause I couldn’t go! But I’ve never had issues with people not wanting to celebrate my bday.

Best present a guy has ever give you?
Pancakes and flowers. Small things matter more .

Best present a guy has not given you?
Staying with me hahaha. [Ed. note: ouch]

Best thing about having an E cup?
Not much in my eyes. Wish I had small boobs.

Worst thing about having an E cup?
Back acne, high fashion clothes look best on a flat chest, guys perving, annoying at the gym trying to work out, can’t buy a size 8 bikini or one piece because top half won’t fit.

What’s the cheesiest pickup line that might work on you?
I actually don’t know. None I don’t think tbh hahaha.

Tell us three things about yourself that nobody knows.
– Me and my best friend don’t refer to each other by our names but instead call each other “whales”
– I would gladly spend my life volunteering
– I love korma curry to much for my own good

Do you have any spreads in the near future we should be on the lookout for?
Yes but I can’t say.

You can keep in touch with Beth Humphreys through her Instagram or Twitter or her website which will be up soon. You can also check out a NSFW gallery of her here or a SFW one below if you’re so inclined.

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