Chris Brown Is a Jackass

This happened two weeks ago but you can never get enough “Chris Brown is a jackass” stories. As you can see in the video, Chris Brown hosted a pool party at the Palms on May 26. Performing for the first time was K-pop group, T-ara N4. They were doing the usual K-pop lipsync/dance combo you always see until Chris Brown went to the DJ booth and told them to cut the music, in the middle of their song mind you, so that he could promote his new single featuring Aailyah.

He got on the mic, pimped out his single and told everyone he was going to play it for them, Oh, but don’t worry. He was gracious enough to let T-ara N4 finish their performance first. Good guy Chris Brown. Brings T-ara to perform with him in Vegas, interrupts them to promote his music, let’s them finish.

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9 years ago

what an asshole

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