January Jones Goes Topless in ‘Sweetwater’

January Jones is best known for playing the ice cold Betty Draper on Mad Men or for playing the ice cold Emma Frost in X-Men or for playing an ice cold celebrity in real life. Can you see what all these roles have in common? That’s right. She doesn’t get naked in any of them. Until now.

Jones stars in the upcoming western Sweetwater where she plays Sarah, an ex-prostitute seeking revenge for her husband who was murdered by a fanatical religious leader. It’s a story as old as time. Anyway, she shows her boobs in one scene where two bad guys find her bathing in a river. Though it remains to be seen whether or not even tits could make January Jones bearable.

NSFW image here.

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8 years ago

My goodness are those disappointing. Always thought they’d be much nicer than they look here.

Joel C Pousson
7 years ago

You’re kidding, right? The lady has a NICE rack!

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