Jim Carrey Won’t Promote ‘Kick-Ass 2’ Anymore

Jim Carrey has already filmed scenes for his role as Colonel Stars and Stripes in Kick-Ass 2 but now he’s decided he won’t be promoting the movie ahead of its August release. Carrey says that after the Sandy Hook shooting, he’s changed his mind about the film and now thinks it’s too violent.

This probably tore him up inside. It maybe even tormented him so much that he went into the fetal position in the shower mumbling something about Finkle being Einhorn.

  • Crusader70

    Clearly Jeremy is the sneering adolescent asshole who needs to grow up.

    • BigJimSlade

      Nah. He’s not a millennial.

  • BlueSpruce

    Substitute “reassuring” with “condescending.”

  • xn0

    Well, its totally what I expect from Carrey. Always in character, always doing a perfomance. Andy Kaufman is a big idol for him, so he does the same. It looks pretty close to a nervous breakdown, but who wouldn’t be like that, when you’re publicly accused of enabling your ex-girfriends suicide. I would go insane. Just look at him. Emaciated, obviously not eating well or being sick. He needs to take himself out of the limelight, or he will become a total weirdo and headcase like Mr. Sheen.

  • Creative Guru

    Could it be a publicity stunt?

  • tysondav

    Jim Carrey is Buddhist guys. This is the Buddhist concepts of emptiness and non-self. I’m sure it sounds crazy if you aren’t Buddhist or Hindu, but I get what he’s saying. He’s (probably) not crazy, but maybe what we call “stuck in emptiness”.

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