Jim Carrey Still Says He Doesn’t Exist, May Be Thinking of His Sanity

Back in September, Jim Carrey gave a bizarre interview at Fashion Week in which he implied he doesn’t believe that any of us are real. It was kind of insane in an entertaining way. Apparently he says this all the time.

According to Metro, playing Andy Kaufman broke Jim’s brain, because he said this to a website called The Talks:

The 56-year-old said: ‘It took me a while and I was depressed going back into my concerns and my politics. But there was a shift that had already happened. And the shift was, “Wait a second. If I can put Jim Carrey aside for four months, who is Jim Carrey? Who the hell is that?”

‘I know now he does not really exist. He’s ideas … Jim Carrey was an idea my parents gave me. Irish-Scottish-French was an idea I was given. Canadian was an idea that I was given. I had a hockey team and a religion and all of these things that cobble together into this kind of Frankenstein monster, this representation. It’s like an avatar. These are all the things I am.‘

Hey, it turns out method acting kind of breaks your brain. Who would have guessed? I mean, aside from Heath Ledger. Maybe Jared Leto. At least Jim Carrey is just rambling about nonsense instead of sending people dead rats because he thinks he’s a comic book super villain for a movie he has about five minutes of screen time for.

And apparently Carrey says this stuff all the time now. Here’s an excerpt from a Guardian piece last September where comic Seann Walsh explains what meeting Jim Carrey was like.

The three of us walked into a tiny room. Jimmy Carr introduced us to Jim Carrey while I awkwardly stood there, starstruck, and Baddiel quizzed him on his speech. My new best friend, Jim – The J-Meister, the J-Lord – then went on to explain a spiritual concept I was unfamiliar with: duality. He explained how there is no you, I, we or us. We are everything, but there is no we. We are objects, but there are no objects. We are a table and the table is us.

There you go. Jim Carrey thinks he’s a table his parents made up. Wait a second… is this a viral stunt for some live-action Pinocchio movie? That would explain everything. It’s not? Jim Carrey is just still insane, then, I guess.

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