Justin Bieber Took Two Girls to His Hotel Room

On Tuesday night, the same day he got a tattoo of his mom’s eye on his arm, Justin Bieber was partying in NYC at The Darby and then at 1Oak despite being 19. I’m not the greatest at math but I’m pretty sure 19 is less than 21. The clubs say they didn’t serve him alcohol which apparently makes it okay now.

While at 1Oak, Chanel fashion PR intern Mollye Rogel tweeted she ended the night with Justin shaking his gold chain over the peasants of the club. So there’s that. $5 into the douchejar, Bieber.

After leaving, the New York Post via Radar reports that he took two women back to his hotel room. Which is weird because aren’t he and Selena Gomez back together? I don’t know anymore. Then again, maybe they just went back to his room to do each others nails and giggle about boys.

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