Leah Remini Left Scientology

King of Queens star Leah Remini who was way into Scientology has left the cult after experiencing firsthand what it was like to be the subject of “interrogations” and “thought modification.” All because she asked where David Miscavige’s wife was during Tom Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes.

Sources say that after sinking millions into Scientology, Remini no longer agrees with their policies and questions “the validity of excommunication of people.” Says the source, “She is stepping back from a regime she thinks is corrupt. She thinks no religion should tear apart a family or abuse someone under the umbrella of ‘religion.'” Hope she can get a refund.

This all started at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding in 2006 when Remini asked the whereabouts of Msicavige’s wife. Former head of the Scientology Celebrity Centre thought that was disrespectful and scolded, “You don’t have the [bleeping] rank to ask about Shelly [Miscavige’s wife].”

In what seems like a bit of an overreaction, Remini “was put through interrogations and blacklisted within the church that she donated millions to and that her family has spent their lives in. She was put through ‘thought modification’ for five years.”

A rep for Scientology denied the allegations and probably added that Glorious Leader is doing fine. Then he probably made a glug-glug motion with his hands implying Leah Remini is a drunk and that you can’t believe anything she says.

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10 years ago

Does she get to keep the commemorative tin foil hat?

The Blemish
10 years ago
Reply to  westie187

All hats must be returned to Glorious Leader