Danny Masterson Says He Wouldn’t Have Been Charged with Rape If Only Leah Remini Weren’t Such a Huge Superstar

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Danny Masterson is about to go on trial for rape and he’s previewing a very strange defense. See, Masterson is essentially claiming that the only reason he’s been charged is that his accusers and the prosecution and police are all so starstruck with Leah Remini that they’re just doing whatever she wants because of her grudge with Scientology.

Now, I want you to name something Leah Remini’s been in that isn’t her Scientology docuseries and that didn’t also star Kevin James. Can you do that without going to her IMDB page? Seriously, if you take King of Queens off of her resume we’d all be calling her ‘character actor Leah Remini’ right now.

TMZ is nonetheless reporting that Masterson has asked for more time to prepare a defense in light of Remini’s involvement.

When will powerful women stop using institutional pressure to have their way with men?

I really hope, for Danny Masterson’s sake, that his defense is way better than “How can the truth possibly hold sway over the machinations of someone who played a hot sitcom wife 20 years ago?”

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