Vanessa Hudgens Was at the BBC 1 Studios

Vanessa Hudgens hit up the BBC 1 Studios today to promote her new film The Frozen Ground. Nic Cage and John Cusack star in it which seems really weird because I’d have assumed there would be much more press for those two.

“I had my breakfast and got ready then I came here,” Vanessa told BBC Radio 1 this morning. “Yeah it’s early but that’s what caffeine is for. I had two cups of English breakfast tea and a green tea on the way here. I was wriggling in the car! I have way too much energy. [Yesterday] I saw the London Eye. I didn’t go on it as I don’t like lines. There was a very long line. If you call relaxing productive, then I had a very productive day.”

“I’d wake up early for Andy Warhol,” she confessed. “Have you seen [one of my favourite movies] Labyrinth with David Bowie? It’s so amazing. It’s good, you have to see it! I do love a festival, yes I was at Coachella this year and next year I’ll be at Glastonbury. I’ll wear a headdress, it’ll be perfect.” Belfast Telegraph

There’s nothing that completes an ensemble for a music festival more than a headdress. It’s the perfect mix of pretentious and hipster. The only thing trendier is to stand there looking disaffected while telling people around you you first heard about them on Pitchfork before they got all famous.

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