Miley Cyrus Hates Her Short Hair Now

Miley Cyrus has regrets. Chopping off her hair being one of them. Talking to Kelly Osbourne on E!’s Fashion Police, Miley said, “I’m secretly tugging on it every night and taking [hair growth vitamin supplement] Viviscal, I’m not going to lie. But I’m going to rock it while I have it.”

Besides yanking on her hair every night like a crazy person, she’s also considering hair extensions.  “I love a good weave. I can’t help it, I love a good piece. But I don’t have anything to clip [it to]. Yesterday I wore a rat tail. I got lots of feedback on Twitter on that one.”

She should just chop off the hair of her enemies and glue it to her head. Not only will she have long hair, but she’ll be able to send a message that she’s the alpha dog. You have to be assertive in this pop music game.

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