Hide Your Children, Justin Bieber Might Smoke Weed

A new picture of Justin Bieber smoking what looks to be a marijuana cigarette has been floating around. Gasp! Clutch those pearls until your knuckles turn white. A teenager is smoking weed! Why, I never heard of such a thing. I thought this was exclusive to jazz musicians and bohemians.

The real disturbing part of this photo is that everyone is saying that the girl next to him looks like Ariana Grande. If that’s true, I’ll just cut my wrists right now because if this dork is banging Ariana Grande, there’s no point in living anymore.

Of course, this is all pointless anyway. Sources claim the photo is doctored, that’s not Ariana Grande and that my tests did infact come back negative. So, ladies. Eh? Eh? How’s about it?

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