Kanye West Doesn’t Want a Prenup

Kanye West thinks it would be tacky and awkward to ask Kim Kardashian for a prenup. He loves her too much and doesn’t want to offend her. In fact, the thought hasn’t even crossed his mind. Fantastic news if you’re Kim Kardashian.

“Kanye’s got more money than the he knows what to do with — so does Kim. He doesn’t care about that,” the source reveals. “If he died tomorrow, everything he has is in Kim and Nori’s name. There will be no prenup. It’s all about love, nothing else matters.”

Well, what if he didn’t die. What if he found out Kim was banging someone else. I’m sure he’d love the fact that she’d get the kid and he’d have to pay a six figure child support. Hey, remember Kris Humphries? They were happy too. For 72 days. Kris Jenner’s eyes probably turned into dollar signs when she read this.

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