Steven Spielberg’s Kids are Now DJs (Not Really) Under Jay Z’s Roc Nation

Want to fast track your budding music career? Just be the kids of a famous parent like Steven Spielberg and you’re in. It’s that easy. Sasha Spielberg, 23, and Theo Spielberg, 25, who make up the band Wardell (a pet name from mom Kate Cpashaw), are now signed to Roc Nation, the label founded by Jay Z.

The two released an EP called Brother/Sister in 2013 under Wardell and recently performed at Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood Party.

The Hollywood Reporter says the two are signed through UK’s National Anthem label and will put out an album in 2014. For some reason, they call them in-demand DJs which is a little weird considering if you listen to their music, they don’t seem to DJ anything. They’re more like a brother/sister band with Sasha on vocals and Theo on the guitar and actually don’t sound too terrible. They use the typical girl with dreamy vocals with indie rock thing that’s so popular now.

It’s like they confused Wardell with Hardwell. Wait, that’s exactly what they did, right?

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