Chris Brown Ordered to 90 Days of Rehab

The judge in Chris Brown’s Rihanna beating case just ruled that Chris Brown must attend 90 days of live-in anger management rehab.

Funnily enough, this is what Chris didn’t want. TMZ got ahold of Chris’ probation report and learned that the object Chris was throwing┬áthat got him kicked out of rehab was a rock through the window of his mom’s car.

According to the report, Chris got violent when his mom showed up to a family session and urged him to stay in rehab for an extended treatment. Chris threw a hissy fit and threw a rock through her car window.

The report goes on to say without continued therapy and a strong recovery support network, Probation says his prognosis is “very guarded.”

And here’s an interesting detail from the report: before Chris entered rehab on October 29th, he says he had issues with Attention Deficit Disorder and also underwent a period of depression.

Whatever. The incident was probably blown way out of proportion. He was just following the old saying, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Well, stone has been cast, bitches.

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10 years ago

He’s actually gay and can’t handle it. By repressing his inner feelings he rages against women in his subconscious attempt to cope.