Rude Passenger Receives A Shock When Man Live Tweets Their Confrontation

Elan Gale (@theyearofelan, producer of ABC’s The Bachelor) took a stand for every person subjected to loud, rude and overbearing airplane passengers this Thanksgiving. Gale hilariously live-tweeted the antics of “Diane”, a Mom jeans, stud belt, medical mask wearing buffoon, who argues quite loudly at the ticket counter that a delayed flight is causing her to miss Thanksgiving with her family.

When it’s explained that to her that all the passengers and plane employeees want to be home this Thanksgiving, she says “this isn’t about you”. Yea, one of those people.

After they board, it turns into a confrontation between Gale and Diane when he decides to send over a glass of wine and a note, hoping that if she’s drinking the wine, she can’t use her mouth to talk. Zing!

Diane decides to write him back, calling him an awful person without compassion. Ironic considering she has no compassion for anyone else on the flight who serve her or put up with her sense of entitlement.

Gale sums it up quite nice in a note he’s prepared to give to her, ending with “Eat my dick”:

Diane informs him that she will be speaking to the authorities, because no one tells Diane to eat a dick, certainly not on Thanksgiving.

Gale pens his final missive:

But doesn’t hand it to her in time, because she slaps him.

Gale declines to press charges, hands her the note and ends with:

Give yourself a laugh by reading all the tweets here.

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10 years ago

She was a bitch but he was the loser in this situation. He decided to escalate the situation by stooping to her level and actually made it worse.

10 years ago

I was on Elan’s side but then he ruined it. The “eat my d**k” comment was deplorable. He sunk lower than Diane. As it turns out, they deserve each other.