Chris Brown Got His Probation Revoked

If you still care about Chris Brown, you’ll be happy to know he got his probation revoked in his Rihanna beating case. Brown stood before a judge on Monday to find out if the assault charge he got in Washington would affect his probation status. It did.

Brown, however, will not be going to jail because he sort of already is. He’s in the middle of completing a court-mandated 3 month residential rehab program for anger management and drug abuse. He’ll have to go back to court on February 10 where a judge will decide whether or not to serve jail time.

Another reason Brown wasn’t sent to jail immediately was due to a report from the rehab facility saying he “has made significant progress.” They wrote, “The clinical and medical team have witnessed very positive change in Mr. Brown since his psychotropic medications have been changed and he has been taken off medical marijuana. His ability to emotionally regulate himself has improved markedly.”

That’s pretty much a long-winded way of saying he hasn’t punched a girl in the face a hundred times yet. It seems the judge was very impressed with that fact.

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10 years ago

What Chris Brown needs is a good ass-kicking. Bonus if it’s a girl. I’d like to see Ronda Rousey kick the s**t out of him.