Weed Transforms This Mother With Cerebral Palsy

Jacqueline Patterson is a single mother of four who was born with cerebral palsy, a congenital disorder that affects motor functions. The condition causes her to stutter and feel pain and weakness on one side of her body.

In this scene from a 2007 documentary, In Pot We Trust, recently posted to Gizmodo, she shows everyone how drastic a change occurs when she takes a hit of weed. Before, she spoke with an uncontrollable stutter. After, the stutter is all but gone.

In 2007, she moved to California and won a court case arguing that she only smoked weed for medicinal purposes. Now she’s on Twitter under @medicalmaryjane talking about the positive effects of medical marijuana.

Patterson’s condition is a struggle and it’s really a testament to her will to how well she handles it along with four kids by herself.

Still, does anyone think she sounds kind of like Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother? Every time she started to stutter all I could think of was Barney saying, “Waaaait for it…” And now I’m going to hell.

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