Amazon Prime Finally Pays Off As Florida Couple Receives 65 Pounds Of Cannabis

There’s about to be a surge in orders for 27 gallon storage containers from Amazon after a Florida couple’s order came filled with a 65 pound bale of marijuana. If this is some sort of charter program, I’d like to know where to sign up for it. But the woman who received this unexpected gift was a real spoilsport about it, according to WFTV.

The marijuana was in boxes inside the totes and as soon as they opened the boxes, they were hit with a strong odor.

“When the first officer got here, she was in disbelief,” the customer said.

Police seized the drugs and launched an investigation.

Okay, so maybe keeping a quarter million dollars of weed that belongs to someone else isn’t the best idea. I probably would have called the police, too, because I’d have been afraid of being arrested for having 65 pounds of weed, and there’s just no way I could smoke that much before it got skunked. I just couldn’t afford that many Doritos.

“We were still pretty fearful our home would be broken into, and we didn’t sleep there for a few days,” said the customer.

So here’s an argument for legalizing marijuana. If you accidentally got 65 pounds of corn on the cob from Amazon, it would have a net worth of under $100, it would have been harder to grow and harvest, and it would do more damage to your body if you ate all the corn than it would if you smoked all the weed.

So what did Amazon actually do to compensate this couple for the hassle of dealing with enough weed to buy a new house?

They eventually received an email giving them a $150 gift card with the message, “I am unable to do anything else at this time.”

I mean, that’s not terrible. Personally, I’d hold out for an assurance that next time they’re just going to send an ounce or two of weed. That’s a much more manageable amount, you wouldn’t lose any sleep over someone coming after you for that.

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