Cops Raid Justin Bieber’s House for Egging Neighbor’s Home

Calabasas is tired of Justin Bieber’s s**t so they decided to scare the douche out of him by sending 11 patrol cars to raid his house this morning. Cops, who even brought a battering ram, are executing a felony search warrant looking for eggs. Because they’re delicious.

Actually, they’re looking for any evidence connecting Bieber to the eggs he threw at his neighbor’s house causing $20,000 in damage. They’re trying to find video (personal or surveillance) or similar eggs.

Even better. TMZ notes that if cops find drugs during the search, they can charge Justin with it.

Hopefully this douche ends up in jail or at least a holding cell because it’ll be hilarious. You know this twink would be yelling at the guards between choked sobs, “Do you know who I am?!,” the entire hour he’s in there.

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8 years ago

I’d love to see bieber in jail trying to pull a “Do you know how I am? and a big muscular man answering, yeah! I know how you are, you’re the new prison bitc* so bend over.

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