Kaley Cuoco’s Wedding Video Is Grating

If you’ve ever wondered what a B-list celebrity wedding was like, have I got the video for you. Here’s video from Kaley Cuoco’s big day. It’s meant as an advertisement for her hair and makeup team which, I’m guessing, allowed Kaley to subsidize some of this. That or she’s really, really nice because if I knew people were going to be watching 3 minutes of me screeching into a camera, I’d save myself the embarrassment and just direct them to that video of me getting a Nintendo for Christmas.

I think it’d have been interesting if they contrasted this with how Ryan Sweeting got prepared for his big day. It’d probably just be a 30 second video of some dude yelling at him, “It’s time!,” and him putting down the beer and changing into a tux by himself. His hair and makeup team would have been his best man laughing at him and telling him he looks gay as he put product in his hair. Guys are very encouraging.

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