Miami’s Case Against Justin Bieber Isn’t Looking Good

Sorry, people who signed the petition to deport Justin Bieber. Things aren’t looking good right now. Evidence has been slowly dribbling in that Justin Bieber may not have done all those things Miami police claimed he’d done.

That includes drag racing (turns out he was cruising near the speed limit as proven by an onboard GPS and a video), that his friends blocked off the road so he could race and that he blew a .14 (he actually blew a .014).

Now there’s also news that his friend in the red Ferrari cruising alongside him, Khalil, blew a big fat 0.

The only point of contention left is that they failed the field sobriety tests (which are designed for failure) which could mean they were on the drugs. Oh and the fact that Justin blew a .014, since, you know, this twink is 19 and the legal drinking age in the US  is 21.

I’d say we should punish him by making him listen to his own music, but I suspect he’d just bob his head to it and giggle, “Yea, that’s tight.”

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