Cate Blanchett Might Not be the Biggest Woody Allen Fan Right Now

Cate Blanchett gave the safest of responses when asked about Dylan Farrow’s NYT article. It was much different than Alec Baldwin’s response where he just shouted stuff.

“It’s obviously been a long and painful situation for the family,” the actress said when asked about the news-making essay at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. “I hope they find some resolution and peace.”

Unlike Dylan’s brother Moses who’s defending Woody in PEOPLE, Blanchett is just not talking about it at all or even mentioning Allen in the slightest. During her acceptance speech at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, the Blue Jasmine actress conveniently left Woody Allen off her list of thank yous. This despite having thanked him at both the Golden Globes and SAGs.

Read into this however you want. Maybe she just “forgot” about Woody. He’s probably calling her on the phone right now stuttering neurotically, “He-he-hey, Cate. I-I think you, um, think you forgot about me in your speech.”

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8 years ago

Why? Did he ask to “borrow” one of her children before getting a role in his movie?

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