Christian Bale Wrote On His Face in Support of a Dude With Cancer

Christian Bale has been on his do-gooder world tour for a while now. From visiting victims of the Aurora theater shooting to visiting a kid with leukemia to even taking a kid to Disneyland, he’s become the new Mother Teresa if Mother Teresa had nuts.

His latest effort in making us all look bad is writing “Dan’s Our Man” on his face and having the photo posted to Facebook. The phrase is in regards to 21-year-old Danny Hammond who’s been suffering from astrocytoma, a tumor on his spinal cord, since he was 9. People have been posting “Dan’s Our Man” messages to his Facebook page and five days ago the photo up top showed up.

Although most contributors are family and friends, Christian Bale recently sent his own show of support, sending a pic with “Dan’s Our Man” written across his face. Bale found out about Hammond through Hammond’s cousin, a costume designer who has worked with Bale.

This makes me feel terrible. The nicest thing I’ve done in the past few months is give a homeless guy a dollar and it’s not so much that I gave him a dollar as it is I wanted him to change it out for four quarters. The awkward silence as I stood there waiting for change was deafening.

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