Eat That Burger, Nina Agdal, Yea, Just Like That

Nina Agdal’s new Carl’s Jr. commercial isn’t as drippy as many would like it to be but at least she’s still wearing an almost see-through white tank. Sadly, nipples aren’t allowed in commercials so she’s probably wearing pasties. That means you can quit staring at the screen trying to see through her shirt you perv.

Here’s her commercial from last year. It’s an “extended director’s cut” of her 2013 Super Bowl commercial. There’s a lot of slow motion going on here and she keeps on biting into her sandwich but can never make a dent in it. She’s like Sisyphus if he had to eat Carl’s Jr. instead of rolling a rock.

And if you still want more Nina Agdal, here’s her and Chrissy Teigen in a Beach Bunny promo. It actually looks really similar to her Carl’s Jr. commercial except she’s not eating a burger.

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