Ashton Kutcher Thinks Being a One-Night Stand Guy Is Gross

Ashton Kutcher destroyed his first marriage to Demi Moore by banging some chick from a club. She probably wasn’t his first or his last. In Men’s Fitness, though, he says one-night stands are icky.

“Being a single guy can be a lot of fun … when you’re financially independent (and) can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

“(But) for every girl you have a good time with for one night, if you want to stay single, that’s the same girl that you have to not call back. After a while, being the one-night-stand guy is also just a little gross.”

I’m sure this guy is full of regret banging all those chicks and not calling them back. He must try to wash the filth off him every night with an iron loofah, scrubbing his body until his skin bleeds. “You’re a dirty, filthy boy,” he probably says into his mirror each morning while grinning like a douchebag.

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