Chris Brown Thrown in Jail

Chris Brown was taken to jail on Friday for violating a judge’s order that said if he was kicked out of rehab, he’d have to serve time.

In the Rihanna beating case, the judge ordered Brown to serve 90 days in a Malibu rehab for anger management. He completed it but at his last hearing, the judge ordered Brown to stay there until his Washington D.C. assault case was over. If he left, he’d have to go to jail.

Sources say Brown was thrown out of rehab early Friday morning for violating “internal rules.” It’s unclear what rules he violated. He did have “an inappropriate relationship” with a female worker in the beginning of the month but that’s not the reason he was kicked out. Sources also say it didn’t involve violence or drugs.┬áHe’s now being held without bail.

Good. Rehab is a forced vacation for celebs anyway. It’s like a kid punching their sister in the face and all his parents do is ask him why and tell him to talk about his feelings. As opposed to having his sister punch him back in the face and yelling at him, “That s**t hurts, don’t it?!”

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8 years ago

That misogynistic closet case WANTS to be in jail with a bunch of dudes. They’ll pass him around like a blow up f**k doll.

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