Now’s Your Chance to Decide Who Looked Better at the Oscars

The Oscars took place Sunday night and as expected, 12 Years a Slave took home Best Picture while Leonardo DiCaprio still didn’t win anything. Meanwhile, Gravity took home 7 awards, new star Lupita Nyongo’o won Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Jared Leto actually won Best Actor in Supporting Role for Dallas Buyers Club and Cate Blanchett and Matthew McConaughey rounded out the rest with Best Actress/Actor.

But what’s obviously the most important thing is what everyone was wearing on the red carpet. Clothes. They were wearing clothes. Some of them from famous designers probably. Sure, the Academy gets to decide who won Best Picture but it’s us who decide which celebrity gets the most ridicule. This year that honor belongs not to a woman, but a man. Pharrell Williams up top. He looked like a German schoolboy.

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