Captain America’s Catch-Up List Matches the Country the Movie Shows In

Having been out of the game for so long — what with being frozen and all — Captain America has a lot to catch up on. Hence the creation of Steve Rogers’ to-do list in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Surprisingly, they paid attention to detail and customized the list to the country the film is shown in. You can see the US version up above. In the UK version, I Love Lucy is replaced with Sherlock, the Berlin Wall is replaced with The Beatles, Steve Jobs with the World Cup Final, and a couple more.

Meanwhile, in other countries:

Aussies have AC/DC, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, and Steve Irwin added to the list, while Koreans get Ji Sung Park, Dance Dance Revolution, and Oldboy. French fans see the 1998 World Cup and The Fifth Element, among other things.

Now I want to see Captain America play DDR. I bet he kills it.

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