Jennifer Lawrence Is a Filthy Liar

Remember that story Jennifer Lawrence shared about getting white girl wasted at Madonna’s after-party and puking in front of Miley Cyrus who told her to “get it together, girl?” That may have been all a lie to break down that aura of perfection and make everyone think she’s just like us normal folk.

Someone tipped off ONTD with a screenshot of Miley Cyrus tweeting that it never happened. It was deleted a minute later.

Either Jennifer Lawrence is a liar or she was so drunk that she can’t remember the details. Like, maybe it wasn’t Miley who told her to get it together. Maybe it was a random small boy with blonde hair. People easily confuse the two.

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Mary Devlin Millar
Mary Devlin Millar
7 years ago

Oh for Christ sakes…why the hell did Cyrus delete it?…why are you so quick to call Jennifer Lawrence a liar?. Read the full tweet…the whole tweet is strange.

7 years ago

If you watch the video is clear that Jennifer doesn’t literally mean that Miley told her that. She means that her expression was like “get it together”. Either way why would Jennifer include Miley’s name if it was a lie? It doesn’t make sense.

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