Justin Bieber Made a Dumb Joke When He Was 15

Breaking news: 15-year-old makes off-color joke. Publicists freak out.

A video made when Justin Bieber was only 15, during filming for his 2011 documentary Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, shows Bieber giggling while telling the joke, “Why are black people afraid of chain saws?” A friend smartly suggests he not say the punchline. He did anyway. “Run nigganigganigganigga.”

Not surprisingly, the joke didn’t make the final cut. The clip, which showed up on The Sun, was sent to TMZ four years ago. They decided not to publish it back then because he was 15 and immediately knew it was in bad taste. They’re probably kicking themselves for not putting it up now. Page Six says Bieber’s team knew about the video and offered fistfuls of cash to keep it hidden.

I’m the first one to kick Bieber while he’s down and then kick him some more and then one more time for good measure, but this is stupid. What 15-year-old hasn’t made a tasteless joke? I’m pretty sure 15 is when you actually learn these jokes. It’s like getting a shiny new toy. You just want to show it off to everyone. Granted, most 15-year-olds aren’t popstars making millions a year and idolized by half the tweens in the world, but still.

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Mark Dreher
7 years ago

I’m sure, “it was a joke”.

I mean, he lets black people, “just live in his house”

And “drive his cars”

And “get DUI’s, in them”

Really really
Truly truly
Think, he “has any problems, or bad opinions”, about black people.

Don’t think
He has

I will tell a racist joke.
“What has, 8 legs”
“Is always running”
“And makes the noise”
“Ho De Do”

Four blacks
Running for the elevator.

I’m terrible.
But I still like blacks.

You must know, what a joke is.

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