Selena Gomez Is in a Downward Spiral

Selena Gomez has been out of control since starting back up with Justin Bieber. Selena claims Bieber has cleaned up his act but that’s about as believable as the Cookie Monster not liking cookies anymore.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Selena’s Hidden Hills, CA neighbors were so pissed off at the loud noise coming from her house at around 11:30 PM … they called police. The cops responded and warned Selena and company to turn down the volume or else.

One neighbor tells TMZ … the noise was so ear-crushing her windows were rattling.

For anyone else, having loud parties and dating a douchebag would be what a normal person in their 20’s does. For Selena Gomez, she’s still held to some weird Disney standard where doing this is obviously a gateway to a sex tape. Which would be pretty cool if it were true. *crosses fingers*

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