The Casey Kasem Case Is Getting Weirder, Pound of Hamburger Meat Thrown at Daughter

Last week after a Washington judge ruled that she would enforce an LA judge’s order that Casey Kasem’s medical care be turned over to his daughter from his wife Jean Kasem, Jean held an impromptu press conference in Washington where she played a recording of 82-year-old Casey moaning.

Jean claimed the audio shows that Casey, who suffers from Lewy Body dementia, is unhappy with the judge’s ruling. To note, Casey cannot speak or move on his own and is fed through a tube in his stomach. I suppose she’s expecting we take her word for the translation considering we don’t speak “invalid.” On the other hand, Casey could have also been moaning because “he has stage three bed sores, a lung infection, and a bladder infection.”

The overly-dramatic Jean said courts are trying to “rip him away from his family,” and added, “He wanted to go out strong…he wanted to leave beautiful memories. That was all gone today.”

On Sunday, Casey Kasem’s daughter from his first marriage, Kerri, visited him for the first time since Jean absconded with him. The visit turned weird, however, when Jean threw a pound of hamburger meat at her.

Reports say Kerri had arrived at the home with an ambulance to transport Casey to a hospital but paramedics weren’t allowed inside. Someone called 911 bringing another ambulance and a fire truck to the scene. After the fire truck left, Jean walked downstairs and threw a pound of raw hamburger meat at Kerri. Presumably angry that Kerri was taking her meal ticket away. Paramedics finally made their way in and picked up Casey. As for why she threw raw hamburger meat at her:

“In the name of King David, I threw a piece of raw meat into the street in exchange for my husband to the wild rabid dogs,” she said.

If you didn’t get that, it’s because she’s crazy. She threw raw meat at her because she’s crazy. Case closed, folks.

Update: Now with meat throwing video.

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