This Is a Terrible Idea

Since EDM has become an all encompassing genre making top DJs almost Michael Bay levels of FU money, everyone wants to cash in. Unexpected crossovers are venturing into the house/trap dance genre to grab a piece of that pie. First it was Lil Jon, then Wacka Flocka Flame and now Soulja Boy is trying to get into the scene. As you probably have guessed, this is an awful idea.

He’s releasing a track titled “Gold Like This” with Gold Top on June 9 and has already released a teaser featuring one note from the song.

I’m sure everyone is giddy with anticipation. He’ll do for EDM what “Crank That Soulja Boy” did for rap. In other news, he’s also working with Justin Bieber so if he hasn’t endeared himself to you yet, now he probably will.

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7 years ago

Shame you don’t listen to tracks before spewing your shitty opinion….

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