Soulja Boy Desperately Still Wants One Last Shot at Fame

The year was 2007. Soulja Boy was telling everyone to watch him crank it, watch him roll before he superman dat oh. It was the height of his fame. But just one year later if you were caught doing his stupid dance, you were either someone’s parent or about to be stuffed in a trashcan. Suffice to say, life for Soulja Boy was never the same after that. There were rumors of a gay sex tape, he posted his penis on Tumblr, he feuded with Shia LaBeoufChris Brown and Mike Tyson, he started hawking bootleg game consoles, and now he’s calling out Drake in a last ditch effort to stay relevant.

Did you know Soulja Boy dropped a combined five mixtapes and albums in 2018? He’s like the Buzzfeed of rap. Throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks.

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