Soulja Boy Is About a Week Away From Being Sued for Millions of Dollars by Nintendo Over His New ‘Game Console’

If you play video games and you have a cheap-ass aunt who goes to swap meets or shops on AliExpress, you might have seen a bootleg video game console under your Christmas tree. Basically, someone in China with a mold or a 3D printer makes a case that they stick a Raspberry Pi in and illegally load it with emulators and roms of videos games.

Yeah, sort of like the Playstation Classic, but a little better made.

There’s a lot of these, and they usually have names that sound like video game consoles you may have heard of, like Zody Painstation or Macrosweft Xblocks. The Bootleg Stuff Twitter account posts pictures of these systems sometimes.

That last one just won’t shut up about how great being poly is. I get it, you do you, but you’re annoying, shut up.

Usually these things are produced by fly-by-night operations in China or maybe because they’re very illegal and depend on the wholesale infringement of intellectual property to exist. It’s not the thing you’d expect a reputable businessman to put his name on. And he hasn’t, but Soulja Boy has.

That’s right, Soulja Boy is hyping the SouljaGame Console and Handheld, both of which appear to be one of these poorly made bootleg consoles.

Everyone got wise to this after about a minute, and someone even posted to Reddit that the console appears to be nothing more than a bootleg console he bought on AliBaba and is selling at a 300% markup.

u/randomstranger454 from discussion
Soulja Boy has just released two game consoles, the "SouljaGame Console" and "SouljaGame Handheld", which come with 800 and 3000 built-in games, respectively; Games include classic GBA, PC, NEOGEO, SEGA, etc games (running on Linux) and are currently priced at $149.99 and $99.99

Shopify almost immediately banned him for selling bootleg s**t, which is fair. His reply was pretty hilarious, though.

Of course, that’s really the least of his concerns. Just last month Nintendo wrapped up a high-profile lawsuit with a website hosting Nintendo roms of the type you’d find on these consoles for over $12 million.

Who do you think has more money, this couple or Soulja Boy? Nintendo is coming for you. Don’t answer your phone, it’s Nintendo.

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4 years ago

God damn right Nintendo is coming for him.