Azealia Banks Has Tons of Norwegian Fans

That shot above of a stage at Hove Festival in Norway is where Azealia Banks was supposed to play. The picture, taken 5 minutes before her scheduled performance, shows a wasteland more barren than the one in Mad Max. In fact, I don’t think the people were even there to hear her music. It looks like they just wanted to take a nap.

In any case, Azealia Banks didn’t want to play there anyway. Hmph. She canceled her performance at the 11th hour.

A statement released by the organizers read: “Due to unforeseen reasons, Azealia Banks is not going to make it Tromøya in time. We are of course terribly sorry for this, but hope we can put a small consolation in the form of surprise concert from Jaa9 & OnklP at the Casino from with Marie Komissar, Arif, Arshad Maimouni and Cloudbusting.”

Those unforeseen circumstances being that Azealia Banks was too lazy to make the four hour drive to the camp site. Allegedly.

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7 years ago

Easiest Where’s Waldo ever.

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