Robin Thicke Now Using Children to Get Paula Patton Back

Dedicating songs to her didn’t work, writing a song for her didn’t work, writing a whole album for her didn’t work, crying at the BET Awards didn’t work, what’s left for Robin Thicke to do other than employ cute kids to lip sync his latest ode to Paula Patton who he hasn’t seen in 4 months by the way. If this doesn’t work, nothing will.

In his latest exercise in manipulation, Thicke released his video for “Still Madly Crazy” featuring a mock wedding starring children. I take it the hot chicks he’s been using to play Paula haven’t been working. Presumably he’s attempting to remind Patton of their wedding day and how happy they were in order to stir up some buried emotions in her that’ll make her forget he tried to stick his hand up a girl’s butt. Aww, how adorably devious.

(H/T Death & Taxes)

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