Madonna Has a Lady Gaga Diss Track

Madonna seems she’s tired of Lady Gaga ripping off her act and now has a diss track about her on her upcoming single “Two Steps Behind Me.” A source says Madonna really wants to “express herself.” *Starts slow clap*

‘You’re a copycat, Where is my royalty? You’re a pretty girl, I’ll give you that. But stealing my recipe, it’s an ugly look,’ Madonna sings in the hard-hitting song.

‘Did you study me hard enough? You’re never gonna be, you’re just a wannabe me. Like a sister all messed-up, who’s gonna help you out? In your fantasy, you can try it all. But you can’t be me.

‘You can walk the walk, even talk the talk. But you’ll always be two steps behind me.’

The source also says Lady Gaga will be “mortified” when she hears it. Although, that’s hard to believe. When’s the last time anyone heard music from Madonna? 1998.

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Adamah Matau
Adamah Matau
7 years ago

The last time anyone heard music from Madonna since 1998?!! Clearly you live under the biggest f****** rock known to man! MDNA under sold due to time spent on creating it and putting the wrong and not the best singles out but despite that she still sold out concerts!

Hopefully Madonna isn’t putting a track like that out as that situation is old news but get a clue dear and LOOK IT UP

7 years ago
Reply to  Adamah Matau

Did it really under-perform? Most albums released around and at the same time as MDNA didn’t sell much more than Madonna. Couple that with the fact, the only real promotion she had was the SUPERBOWL which shifted most of the focus on her MDNA tour which ended up being the biggest tour of 2012. But yeah, 1998? Since then, all her albums went #1. Songs like “Music”, “Don’t Tell Me”, “Die Another Day”, “Hung Up”, “Sorry”, “4 Minutes” and GMAYL all became top ten hits “Hung Up” and “4 Minutes” respectably 8 to 10 years after 1998. So yeah, someone… Read more »

Adamah Matau
Adamah Matau
7 years ago
Reply to  Madonnanews

I mean it wasn’t the worst seller of the year and to my knowledge beat out Lady Gaga but yea I don’t think it performed all that well but I honestly think its largely based on the singles and videos she chose to release. I think creatively she’s been coasting these last two records but I feel like the magick is back for this new one coming up! Hard Candy is a great record that I still enjoy along with MDNA though MDNA has not as many great tracks as HC. Looking forward to the new stuff. I think and… Read more »

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