Someone Synced Chris Pratt’s Rap With the Actual Beat From ‘Forgot About Dre’

Yesterday, a video of Chris Pratt rapping Eminem’s verse from “Forgot About Dre” came out and made everyone a little wet. Today, things are about to get a lot more awesome. Reddit user treytech synced Pratt’s rap with the actual beat from the song. It turned out really well. Here’s what he did to make the magic happen.

Downloaded the original acapella and backing track. Brought them into Adobe Audition and synced them up with the full song. Then, muted everything but Eminem’s vocals and spent a long time splitting and time stretching Pratt’s vocals to line up exactly with the Eminem vocals. Added a vocal chain to Chris’ vocals, and added a hard limiter to the whole thing. Muted Eminem’s vocals, unmuted the backing track and exported the audio. Took it into Premiere, where I did the same splitting and time stretching process with the video as I did with the audio. (I could have done this in Audition, but I forgot). Synced my exported audio with the video I just made. Added the Dr. Dre part of the music video to the beginning. Used RGB Curves to tint the video, except for the pause in the middle. Exported that video and brought it into After Effects. Added a lens flare and motion tracked it to the video. Faded it out for the pause in the middle. Added the letter box, also fading them out for the pause. Went to Photoshop to create a curved picture of Chris, brought that back into After Effects. Motion tracked that into the magazine. Added my watermark. Export video. Done.

And now here’s the result. This might be better than the original version. I’d ask Chris Pratt to marry me and have my babies if he wasn’t already with Anna Faris.

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