The Chainsmokers Want to be Like ‘Kanye’

The Chainsmokers, taking a break from their remixes, have released their second original single after “#Selfie” titled simply “Kanye.” The song, an ode to Kanye, isn’t actually about Kanye, rather, the ideal of Kanye.

This isn’t about him, or anything he has done, LETS BE VERY CLEAR ABOUT THAT! It’s about taking what Kanye idealistically represents and turning his name into an adjective. This song is about doing you, living life how you want to live it and not giving a f**k what anyone else thinks. Its about owning your s**t and being happy with your life, no matter the circumstances, rich or poor, skinny or fat, young or old its about exuding confidence… and that’s what appeals to us so much about this song. So when you belt out ‘I Wanna Be Like Kanye’ its not about him, but about being the person you want to be and not letting anyone take that from you.

Whoa. That’s deep, man. You sound like you might have more to say and Imma let you finish, but first…

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7 years ago – Made a 20 second video for this track using Sympler…

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