Guy Gets Robbed at Gunpoint While His GoPro Is Filming

According to the story posted on Reddit, a friend is currently on a trip to every country in the world. One of the stops was Buenos Aires where he went on a guided bike tour organized by the hostel he was staying at. They were biking through a dangerous area when a thief noticed his camera attached to his backpack. The guy on the motorcycle tried to ambush the bicyclist.

Because of the language barrier, the guy had no idea what he was saying so he just rode off. It wasn’t until the thief caught up to him and waved a gun at him did he realize what was up.

The tour leader notified a nearby cop and reported it. Luckily, the GoPro was recording and they got a clear image of the thief. They say he was captured two days later.

It still remains unclear if the thief was an “amigo.”

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