Iggy Azalea May Have Done the Fancy – in Front of a Camera

A year ago, most people hadn’t heard of Iggy Azalea. Now a porn producer wants to pay millions of dollars for video of Iggy (birth name Amethyst Amelia Kelly) engaging in vagina-related activities. That’s how famous works.

Vivid Entertainment co-chairman Steven Hirsch told TMZ he’s been shown sample footage which is purportedly of Iggy sexing it up with an ex-boyfriend. Iggy’s people, of course, say it’s not her, and they’re ready to sue.

Hirsch says the video, if real, could make more money than Kim Kardashian’s hunka-chunka-palooza with Ray J. Here’s Steven Hirsch.

Safe to say, he knows his porn. But offering “seven figures” – which could be as little as a million dollars – for a celebrity sex tape? That’s so 2007. Offer a gazillion dollars for the Iggy Azalea tape, and have your lawyers work out what “a gazillion” is later.

Reminder: If this tape is ever released, it means Iggy signed off on it. Vivid wouldn’t be able to release it otherwise.

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