Justin Bieber Faces Assault Charge in Canada for ATV Crash

Justin Bieber ran his ATV into a minivan in Ontario last Friday which ended with him and the other guy getting physical. Let’s just take that to mean there was a lot of shoving because the day Justin actually throws a punch is the day he’s surrounded by about 10 bodyguards.

“The driver of the ATV and an occupant of the minivan engaged in a physical altercation,” according to a police news release.

Bieber turned himself in and was charged on Monday with dangerous driving and assault. The other party, a photog, was not charged. Bieber’s lawyer said:

“Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’ peaceful retreat in Stratford this weekend was unfortunately disrupted by the unwelcome presence of paparazzi,” the statement said.

“This has regrettably resulted in charges of dangerous driving and assault. Mr. Bieber and Ms. Gomez have fully co-operated in the police investigation. We are hopeful that this matter will be quickly resolved.”

Many would say to not be too quick to blame Bieber, but have you seen that guy? Huge douche. The day I give this kid the benefit of the doubt is the day I read a story about him loving to wear women’s heels during sex.

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